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At APC, our mission is clear: Building friendship and community through pickleball. We are committed to fostering connections, promoting inclusivity, and encouraging the joy of the game, all while creating a vibrant and supportive pickleball community.

Our core values are centered around unity, respect, and the pursuit of lasting friendships on and off the court. Join us in this journey as we serve the pickleball community with passion and dedication, one rally at a time.


The History Of Our Club

In 2016, a vibrant seed of enthusiasm and camaraderie was sown in Airdrie, Alberta, as a group of pickleball enthusiasts, led by the indomitable Bonnie Myers and her dedicated friends, laid the foundation for what would soon become the Airdrie Pickleball Club. With an initial membership of approximately 15, our journey began at the East Lake tennis courts, where the primary focus was unwavering: fostering fun and social gatherings, all in the spirit of pickleball.

Fast forward to 2017, a pivotal year in our club's history. Brent Burke, a passionate member of our growing pickleball family, embarked on a mission to transform the old skate park on Main Street into Airdrie's inaugural official outdoor pickleball courts. This transformative initiative did more than change the landscape; it captured the attention of pickleball enthusiasts across the city, and our club's membership steadily swelled. By 2021, we proudly boasted nearly 50 devoted members.

Nurturing Our Roots and Growing Stronger Together

As our numbers grew, the need for formalizing our club's structure became apparent. Elaine McDonald, an ardent advocate for our beloved sport, took it upon herself to transition our club into a non-profit society at the close of 2021. This momentous step not only solidified our commitment but also paved the way for a more organized and ambitious future.

Today, the Airdrie Pickleball Club stands as a thriving community of over 200 passionate members, all united by our love for the game. Our dedication to the sport and the sense of belonging within our club have been recognized and supported by the city of Airdrie. In the fall of 2023, the East Lake tennis courts underwent a transformation, with half of the courts converted into six state-of-the-art pickleball courts—providing even more space for our sport to flourish.

We owe our success and growth to the tireless efforts of those pickleball enthusiasts who came before us. Their vision, persistence, and commitment laid the groundwork for our thriving club. Special recognition is due to the former APC presidents who steered us through this remarkable journey: Bonnie Myers, Terry King, Vice President Barry Hoffman (to whom we've dedicated a wooden storage box at Museum courts), Jamie Phillips, and Norm Vienneau. Their leadership and dedication continue to inspire us as we look ahead to a bright and exciting future.

As we celebrate our past, we remain committed to nurturing the sense of community, friendship, and camaraderie that has always been at the heart of our club. We are immensely grateful for the journey thus far and eagerly anticipate the chapters yet to be written in the history of Airdrie Pickleball Club.

Meet Our Board Members

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Kina Martin
Donny Hall
Sharon Hagel
Sarah Thomas
Nathan Martin
Board members
Veronica Dewilde
Natalie Berthiaume
Brent Burke
Ian Angstadt
Bobbie Lu-Kopf

Volunteer Positions

Tournament Operations Manager - TBA

Tournament Director - TBA

Fundraising & Sponsorship – Veronique Dewilde

Volunteer Director - TBA

Referee Coordinator - TBA

Round Robin Coordinators - Bobbie Lu-Kopf

IT & Website - Veronica Dewilde

​Player Development Coordinator - Natalie Berthiaume

Facilities/Equipment Superintendent TBA

Club Evaluations Director TBA

Membership Director - TBA

Indoor/Outdoor Programing - Kina Martin

Junior Program Coordinator - Donald Hall 

Ombudsman - Nathan Martin

City Liaisons - Brent Burke and Nathan Martin

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